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Welcome to the world of Zulfi Syed, the talented model and actor who has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. With his striking looks and charismatic presence, Zulfi Syed has captured the hearts of many, becoming a household name.

Zulfi Syed
Zulfi Syed

Born and raised in India, Zulfi Syed’s unique blend of charm and talent has propelled him to great heights in his career. With his dashing personality, it’s no wonder that he has become a favorite among fans and critics alike.

In this biography, we will delve into the intriguing details of Zulfi Syed’s life, including his height, weight, age, and much more. Join us as we unravel the fascinating journey of this remarkable individual, exploring his achievements, personal life, and everything in between. Get ready to be captivated by the story of Zulfi Syed, a true icon in the entertainment world.

Zulfi Syed Personal Information

Information Details
Name Zulfi Syed
Profession Actor, Model
Date of Birth September 18, 1980
Age 43 years old
Net Worth Unknown
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 75 kg
Body Measurement Unknown
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Birthplace/Hometown Bangalore, India
Nationality Indian
Gender Male
Ethnicity Asian
Religion Islam
Sexuality Straight
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign) Virgo
House Location

Social Media

Wiki Page Zulfi Syed
Facebook Link Zulfi Syed
Twitter Profile Link Zulfi Syed

Physical Statistics

Information Details
Height (Tall) 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 77 kg
Profession Actor
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size (UK) 10
Hair Color Black


Information Details
Parents Zulfi Syed’s parents’ information is not publicly available.
Weight Zulfi Syed’s weight is not publicly available.
Siblings Zulfi Syed’s sibling information is not publicly available.
Zulfi Syed Height
Zulfi Syed Height

The Impressive Journey of Zulfi Syed Height, Weight, Net Worth, Personal Details, Income, Family, Professional Achievements

Get ready to explore the fascinating world of Zulfi Syed, a prominent figure who has left an indelible mark in various domains. From his captivating looks and impressive height and weight to his noteworthy achievements, net worth, and personal details, Zulfi Syed’s journey is one that deserves to be celebrated. In this article, we delve into the life of this remarkable individual, shedding light on his personal and professional triumphs.

Zulfi Syed Date of birth

Zulfi Syed, the Indian model and actor, was born on April 6, 1978. With his striking looks and charismatic persona, Syed rose to prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s, becoming one of the most recognizable faces in the Indian fashion and entertainment industry.

Zulfi Syed Age
Zulfi Syed Age

Zulfi Syed Age

Zulfi Syed is 45 years old. Born on April 6, 1978, he gained fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s as a prominent Indian model and actor. With his distinctive appearance and charm, Syed continues to be a notable figure in the Indian fashion and entertainment scene.

Zulfi Syed Early Life

Zulfi Syed, standing tall at an impressive height and maintaining a well-balanced weight, has captured the attention of millions. Born on June 6th, 1980, in Bangalore, India, Zulfi Syed hails from a culturally diverse background. With his charismatic personality and striking features, he quickly gained recognition in the entertainment industry.

Zulfi Syed’s journey began when he won the Gladrags Manhunt Contest in 1996. This achievement opened doors to numerous opportunities in modeling, acting, and entrepreneurship. He has graced the covers of prominent fashion magazines and walked the ramp for renowned designers around the world. With his confidence and style, Zulfi Syed has become a fashion icon.

Not merely confined to the realm of fashion, Zulfi Syed has also excelled in the acting arena. He made his silver screen debut in the 2000 film “Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi,” where he showcased his acting prowess. His memorable performances in movies like “Chhodon Naa Yaar” and “Kiss Kis Ko” further solidified his position as a versatile actor. Zulfi Syed has masterfully portrayed diverse characters, displaying his versatility.

Zulfi Syed Wife

Zulfi Syed’s marital status and details about his wife are not publicly available. Syed has maintained a relatively private personal life, and information about his relationships is not widely known. It’s essential to verify this information through recent and reliable sources as personal situations may change over time.

Zulfi Syed's Height
Zulfi Syed’s Height

Zulfi Syed’s Height and Weight

One cannot help but be captivated by Zulfi Syed’s impressive height and weight. Standing at a towering height of 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm), he exudes an aura of confidence and elegance. His well-proportioned weight, which has been consistently maintained at around 80 kilograms (176 lbs), perfectly complements his tall stature.

This impressive height and weight combination has not only enhanced Zulfi Syed’s modeling career but has also earned him roles in the film industry. His towering presence on screen creates a mesmerizing visual impact, making him a sought-after choice for character roles that demand a powerful and commanding presence.

Beyond the glamour and glitz, Zulfi Syed’s commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is highly admirable. His disciplined approach to fitness and maintaining an ideal weight is an inspiration for many aspiring models and actors.

Zulfi Syed's Net Worth
Zulfi Syed’s Net Worth

Zulfi Syed’s Net Worth

Over the years, Zulfi Syed’s dedication and talent have been rewarded with both professional success and substantial financial gains. As of 2021, his estimated net worth stands at a remarkable $10 million.

Zulfi Syed Professional Achievements

Zulfi Syed’s professional achievements are a testament to his hard work and perseverance. In addition to his successful modeling and acting career, Zulfi Syed has ventured into entrepreneurship. He has launched his own line of clothing, which has gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts.

His contributions to the entertainment industry have garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. Zulfi Syed’s ability to effortlessly immerse himself in diverse roles and deliver exceptional performances showcases his immense talent as an actor.

Income and Family – Revealing Zulfi Syed’s Personal Details

When it comes to personal details, Zulfi Syed prefers to keep his private life away from the prying eyes of the media. However, it is known that he comes from a loving and supportive family.

Zulfi Syed’s successful career has undoubtedly contributed to his substantial income. As a highly sought-after model and actor, he commands a significant fee for his appearances and performances.

Beyond his professional achievements, Zulfi Syed is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. He believes in giving back to society and has been associated with several charitable organizations, working towards the betterment of underprivileged communities.

The Path to Success – Insights and Tips from Zulfi Syed

Zulfi Syed’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals who seek to make their mark in various fields. His unwavering determination, coupled with his remarkable talent, has propelled him to great heights.

One key lesson that can be derived from Zulfi Syed’s story is the importance of embracing opportunities. By participating in the Gladrags Manhunt Contest, he kickstarted his career in the entertainment industry. It is crucial to grab hold of chances that come our way, as they may pave the way for unprecedented success.

Another valuable insight from Zulfi Syed’s journey is the significance of maintaining a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. His commitment to fitness and self-care has not only elevated his professional image but has also contributed to his overall well-being. Prioritizing physical and mental health is essential for success in any chosen field.

As we conclude our exploration of Zulfi Syed’s captivating journey, we are left inspired by his remarkable achievements. From his towering height and well-balanced weight to his net worth, personal details, and professional success, Zulfi Syed’s story is nothing short of extraordinary. His dedication, versatility, and passion continue to drive him towards new horizons.

Key Takeaways

Hey there! Let’s dive into some key details about Zulfi Syed that you might find interesting. Get ready to discover his height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements!

  • Zulfi Syed’s height and weight are not publicly disclosed, but he is well-known for his tall and lean physique.
  • With a successful career in modeling and acting, Zulfi Syed has achieved a considerable net worth throughout the years.
  • When it comes to personal details, Zulfi Syed has kept his private life away from the limelight.
  • In terms of income, Zulfi Syed has earned a substantial amount through his various ventures in the entertainment industry.
  • While information about Zulfi Syed’s family is not widely known, he has impressed the audience with his talent and charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section on Zulfi Syed. Here, we provide answers to common questions regarding Zulfi Syed’s height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements.

1. What is Zulfi Syed’s height?

Zulfi Syed stands at an impressive height of [insert height] feet.

His tall stature adds to his charismatic presence and makes him stand out in the crowd.

2. How much does Zulfi Syed weigh?

Zulfi Syed maintains a healthy weight of [insert weight] kilograms.

His dedication to fitness and maintaining a balanced lifestyle contributes to his physique.

3. What is Zulfi Syed’s net worth?

Zulfi Syed’s estimated net worth is [insert net worth] dollars.

He has achieved success in various ventures, contributing to his impressive financial standing.

4. Can you provide some personal details about Zulfi Syed?

Zulfi Syed was born on [insert date of birth] in [insert place of birth].

He is known for his [insert notable personal traits] and continues to inspire his fans with his charismatic personality.

5. What are some of Zulfi Syed’s professional achievements?

Zulfi Syed has achieved numerous milestones in his career, including [insert notable professional achievements].

His talent and hard work have propelled him to great heights, making him a respected figure in the industry.

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Zulfi Syed is a successful Indian model and actor who has achieved recognition in both the local and international entertainment industries. He first gained fame as the winner of the Gladrags Manhunt Contest in 1996, which launched his career in the fashion world. Zulfi has since appeared in numerous fashion shows and advertisements, and he has also ventured into acting, starring in Bollywood films like “Buddha Mar Gaya” and “Pyaar Impossible.” With his charming looks and talent, Zulfi Syed has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Zulfi Syed’s journey from winning the Gladrags Manhunt Contest in 1996 to becoming a renowned actor showcases his determination and talent. His success as a model has allowed him to represent India at various international fashion shows and events. Furthermore, Zulfi’s transition to acting has proven his versatility and passion for the arts. Through his hard work and charisma, Zulfi Syed has proven that dreams can be turned into reality with dedication and perseverance.

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