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Hey there, curious minds! Today we’re diving into the fascinating world of Zinho, an enigmatic personality whose story is bound to captivate you. From his height and weight to his age, biography, and even his husband, we’ve got all the details you need. So buckle up and get ready for an adventure into the life of this remarkable individual.


First things first, let’s talk about Zinho’s physical attributes. Standing tall and proud, this incredible human being possesses a unique height that sets him apart from the crowd. And when it comes to weight, well, let’s say he maintains a figure that allows him to conquer any challenge life throws his way.

Now, let’s delve into Zinho’s biography. A person of many talents, he has made a name for himself in various fields, charming everyone with his charisma and charm. But there’s more to him than meets the eye. We’ll uncover the story behind his rise to success, his struggles, and his inspiring journey to where he is today.

And last but not least, let’s not forget about Zinho’s husband, a pillar of strength, love, and support in his life. Together, they form a power couple that reminds us of the importance of love, companionship, and embracing our true selves.

So there you have it, an exciting glimpse into the world of Zinho. Get ready to be inspired and amazed as we explore his life, achievements, and everything in between. Stay tuned for more captivating details that will leave you wanting to know even more about this remarkable individual.

Zinho Personal Information

Information Details
Name Zinho
Nickname Zinho
Profession Unknown
Date of Birth April 15, 1980
Age 43
Net Worth $1 million
Height 5’10” (178 cm)
Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)
Body Measurement Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Birthplace/Hometown Sao Paulo, Brazil
Nationality Brazilian
Gender Male
Ethnicity Unknown
Religion Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign) Aries
House Location Sao Paulo, Brazil

Social Media

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Physical Statistics

Information Details
Height (Tall) Zinho
Weight Zinho
Profession Zinho
Eye Color Zinho
Shoe Size (UK) Zinho
Hair Color Zinho


Information Details
Parents Zinho’s parents’ names
Weight Zinho’s weight in pounds
Siblings Zinho’s number of siblings
Zinho Height
Zinho Height

Zinho Height

Zinho, the former Brazilian footballer renowned for his skill and versatility, stands at approximately 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters) tall. Despite his modest stature, his impact on the pitch was anything but small. With exceptional dribbling ability, vision, and creativity, Zinho commanded attention and admiration from fans and opponents alike. His height, though not towering, did little to diminish his influence on the game, as he consistently proved that talent and technique transcend physical stature in the world of football.

Zinho Personal Details, Income, Family, Professional Achievements

Zinho is a renowned personality known for his exceptional talent and achievements. In this article, we will delve deep into various aspects of Zinho’s life, including his physical attributes, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional accomplishments. Join us on this captivating journey to discover more about this remarkable individual.

Zinho Date of Birth

Zinho, born as Antônio Augusto Ribeiro Reis Jr., entered the world on June 1, 1967. His birth marked the beginning of a journey that would see him become a prominent figure in Brazilian football history. Throughout his career, Zinho showcased his exceptional skills and leadership on the pitch, earning accolades and admiration from fans worldwide. Born in Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Zinho’s date of birth remains a significant milestone in the timeline of his remarkable life and career.

Zinho Wife

Zinho’s wife is named Andréa Cocco. Their relationship exemplifies companionship and support, standing as a testament to their enduring bond. Andréa has been a steadfast presence in Zinho’s life, offering encouragement and love both on and off the pitch. Together, they have navigated the challenges and triumphs of life, forming a partnership built on mutual respect and understanding. Andréa’s unwavering support has undoubtedly played a significant role in Zinho’s personal and professional journey, enriching their lives with shared experiences and cherished memories.

Zinho Age
Zinho Age

Zinho Age

Zinho, the former Brazilian footballer, has gracefully embraced the passage of time, enriching his life with wisdom and experience. Born on June 1, 1967, he now stands at the age of 54, a testament to the enduring legacy he has carved in the world of football. Throughout his illustrious career, Zinho’s contributions to the sport have left an indelible mark, inspiring generations of players and fans alike. His age serves as a reminder of the journey he has undertaken, marked by dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to the beautiful game.

Zinho’s Professional Achievements

Zinho’s career is dotted with numerous remarkable accomplishments, both individually and as part of a team. Let’s dive into some of his most notable achievements.

1. Stellar Performance in the Brazilian National Team

Zinho’s stellar skills and commitment to the sport earned him a spot in the Brazilian national team. Representing his country at various international tournaments, he played a crucial role in securing victories for his team and lifting prestigious trophies. Zinho’s contributions became evident during the 1994 FIFA World Cup, where he played a pivotal role as Brazil clinched their fourth World Cup title.

2. Successful Stints at Flamengo and Palmeiras

Zinho’s club career was equally illustrious. He showcased his talents at renowned Brazilian clubs, Flamengo and Palmeiras. With Flamengo, Zinho experienced immense success, winning multiple trophies, including the Brazilian Championship and the prestigious Copa Libertadores. Later on, he joined Palmeiras, where he continued to flourish and contribute significantly to the team’s triumphs.

3. International Recognition and UEFA Champions League Victory

Zinho’s exceptional abilities did not go unnoticed on the international stage. In 1998, he joined the Japanese club, Yokohama F. Marinos, where he played a vital role in their victorious campaign in the AFC Champions League. Zinho’s contributions and leadership skills were evident as the team secured their first-ever continental title.

Zinho’s Personal Life and Family

While Zinho’s professional life has captivated audiences worldwide, his personal life remains relatively private. Although limited information is available about his family and personal relationships, it is well-known that Zinho is a dedicated family man. Balancing his career and personal commitments, he has successfully created a harmonious and fulfilling life outside the limelight.

Zinho Net Worth
Zinho Net Worth

Zinho Net Worth

Zinho’s extraordinary career has not only brought him invaluable recognition but also notable financial stability. With his successful ventures as a player and possibly other entrepreneurial endeavors, Zinho has amassed a substantial net worth. While the exact figures remain undisclosed, various sources estimate his net worth to be in the range of several million dollars. Additionally, he continues to earn a considerable income through endorsements and various business ventures.

Zinho’s precise net worth is not publicly disclosed. However, given his illustrious career as a professional footballer and subsequent endeavors in coaching and other related activities, it’s reasonable to infer that his net worth is substantial. Over the years, Zinho likely accumulated significant earnings from his football contracts, endorsements, and investments. Additionally, his post-football career pursuits, such as coaching and media appearances, may have further contributed to his financial status. For the most accurate assessment, consulting reliable financial sources is recommended.

Key Takeaways and Final Thoughts

Throughout his career, Zinho has exemplified dedication, skill, and an unwavering passion for the sport. His incredible achievements on and off the field have inspired aspiring football players and continue to etch his name in the history of the game. Zinho has proven that with perseverance and a genuine love for what one does, success becomes a reality.

In conclusion, Zinho’s journey serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment and undeniable talent. From his exceptional performances on the field to his contributions to his respective clubs and the Brazilian national team, Zinho has left an indelible mark in the world of football. Whether it be his physical attributes, net worth, personal details, income, family, or professional accomplishments, Zinho continues to stand as an inspiration to many aspiring athletes worldwide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zinho is a Brazilian footballer known for his professional achievements.
  • He has achieved great success in his career and is recognized for his skills on the field.
  • Details about his height, weight, and personal life are not readily available, but he is known for his talent.
  • Zinho has earned a substantial net worth through his successful football career.
  • He comes from a supportive and loving family who has always encouraged his passion for the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section on Zinho! Here, we’ve compiled answers to some commonly asked questions about Zinho’s height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements.

Q1: How tall is Zinho?

Zinho is known for his average height, standing at around 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall. This height has not hindered his successful career in the world of professional sports.

While height may play a role in certain sports, Zinho has proven that skill, dedication, and hard work can overshadow any physical attributes, pushing him to reach great heights in his career.

Q2: What is Zinho’s weight?

Zinho maintains a healthy weight that complements his athletic build. Although exact figures may vary over time, he generally weighs around 154 pounds (70 kilograms).

Being in top physical condition has been crucial for Zinho’s performance on the field, allowing him to showcase his agility, speed, and endurance throughout his career.

Q3: What is Zinho’s net worth?

Zinho has built a successful career in professional sports, which has contributed to his substantial net worth. While exact figures are not publicly disclosed, it is estimated that his net worth currently stands in the millions of dollars.

His earnings come not only from his playing career, but also from endorsements, sponsorships, and various business ventures. Zinho’s financial success reflects his accomplishments and the impact he has made in his field.

Q4: Can you share some personal details about Zinho?

Zinho, whose full name is Altamiro Lopes Nazareth, was born on June 17, 1967, in Brazil. He is a retired professional footballer who had a successful playing career as a midfielder.

Throughout his career, Zinho showcased his skills in various clubs and national teams, leaving a lasting impression on fans around the world. His dedication and passion for the sport continue to inspire aspiring footballers.

Q5: What are some of Zinho’s professional achievements?

Zinho’s professional career was marked by numerous achievements and honors. Notably, he was a key member of the Brazilian national team that won the 1994 FIFA World Cup, solidifying his place in football history.

As a club player, Zinho experienced success with various teams, winning several domestic titles and even international trophies. His talent, versatility, and tactical acumen made him a respected figure in the footballing community.

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