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William Collier
William Collier

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William Collier Date of birth

William Collier Sr., born Charles William Collier on November 12, 1864, was an American actor and comedian. He became prominent in vaudeville and theater during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, known for his comedic talent and distinctive stage presence. Collier’s contributions to entertainment left a lasting impact on American comedy.

William Collier Age
William Collier Age

William Collier Age

William Collier Sr., the esteemed American actor and comedian celebrated for his comedic talent and stage presence, passed away on January 13, 1944, at the age of 79. Throughout his illustrious career in vaudeville and theater, Collier entertained audiences with his humor and left an enduring legacy in American comedy.

William Collier Wife

William Collier, the American actor, was married twice. His first wife was actress Paula Marr, with whom he had a son, William Collier Jr. His second wife was actress Louise Allen, whom he married in 1918. Louise Allen was also known professionally as Paula Marr Jr. They remained married until William Collier’s death in 1944.

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