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Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of Walter Catlett! This charming and multi-talented individual has captured the hearts of audiences everywhere. From his noteworthy performances to his intriguing personal life, there’s so much to learn about this extraordinary artist. So, grab a seat and let’s embark on a journey as we unveil the height, weight, age, biography, husband, and more of the one and only Walter Catlett!

Walter Catlett
Walter Catlett

Walter Catlett, a name that resonates with talent and charisma. With his magnetic presence and undeniable charm, Walter has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. From the golden age of Hollywood to the vibrant stages of Broadway, his performances have always been a captivating sight to behold.

But there’s more to Walter Catlett than meets the eye. Behind the scenes, this enigmatic individual has led a fascinating life. From his early beginnings to his rise to stardom, we’ll delve into the intriguing details of his biography. And of course, we can’t forget to uncover the special someone who was lucky enough to call Walter Catlett their husband.

So, get ready to explore the life, career, and personal side of Walter Catlett like never before. From his humble origins to his memorable performances, we’ll leave no stone unturned. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and discover the magic that lies within the world of Walter Catlett!

Walter Catlett Personal Information

Information Details
Name Walter Catlett
Nickname N/A
Profession Actor
Date of Birth February 17, 1889
Age Died on November 14, 1960 (age 71 years)
Net Worth N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Body Measurement N/A
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color N/A
Birthplace/Hometown San Francisco, California, USA
Nationality American
Gender Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion N/A
Sexuality N/A
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign) Aquarius
House Location N/A

Social Media

Wiki Page Walter Catlett – Wikipedia
Facebook Link N/A
Twitter Profile Link N/A

Physical Statistics

Information Details
Height (Tall) 6 feet
Weight 180 pounds
Profession Actor
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size (UK) 9
Hair Color Brown
Walter Catlett Height
Walter Catlett Height

Walter Catlett Height

Walter Catlett, the American actor known for his distinctive voice and comedic roles, stood approximately 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall. However, precise height information for him may vary slightly across different sources, as it was not extensively documented during his lifetime.


Information Details
Parents N/A
Weight N/A
Siblings N/A

Everything You Need to Know About Walter Catlett

Walter Catlett was a prominent American actor known for his memorable performances in film and theater. From his physical attributes to his achievements and personal life, this article dives deep into the life of this talented individual. Join us as we explore Walter Catlett’s height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements.

Walter Catlett Date of birth

Walter Catlett, born Walter Byron Catlett, was born on February 4, 1889, in San Francisco, California, USA. He was a versatile American actor known for his comedic performances on stage and screen during the early to mid-20th century. Catlett’s distinctive voice and expressive acting made him a memorable figure in entertainment.

Walter Catlett Age
Walter Catlett Age

Walter Catlett Age

Walter Catlett would have been 135 years old if he were still alive. Born on February 4, 1889, in San Francisco, California, USA, Catlett was a versatile American actor, renowned for his comedic talents on stage and screen during the early to mid-20th century.

Walter Catlett: A Life in the Entertainment Industry

Born on February 4, 1889, in San Francisco, California, Walter Catlett entered the entertainment industry during the early 20th century. He made a name for himself as a character actor, known for his comedic timing and distinctive voice. Let’s delve into some of the key aspects of Walter Catlett’s life and career.

Walter Catlett Early Life and Personal Details

Walter Catlett’s early life shaped his path towards success in the entertainment industry. Raised in a theatrical family, he developed a passion for acting from a young age. Standing at [Walter Catlett Height], he possessed a commanding physical presence that contributed to his on-screen charisma. With his expressive face and impeccable comedic timing, he captivated audiences throughout his career.

During his career, Walter Catlett often played comedic roles with endearing eccentricities. His distinctive voice added to his uniqueness as an actor, allowing him to bring his characters to life in a captivating and entertaining manner. It was this combination of physicality, voice, and talent that secured his place in the annals of Hollywood history.

Walter Catlett Professional Achievements

Walter Catlett’s contributions to the entertainment industry were undeniably remarkable. Throughout his career, he showcased his versatility by seamlessly transitioning from film to theater. His first major Broadway appearance came in the 1916 production of “Everything,” where he captivated audiences with his comedic timing and impeccable delivery.

In the realm of film, Walter Catlett’s talent shone brightly. His breakthrough role came in 1934 when he appeared in the classic film “It Happened One Night.” His portrayal of a bumbling, yet endearing criminal earned him critical acclaim and propelled him into the spotlight. Over the years, he continued to leave a lasting impression on audiences with his memorable performances in films such as “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and “My Fair Lady.”

Walter Catlett Family and Personal Life

Walter Catlett’s success in the entertainment industry was complemented by a fulfilling personal life. He was married to Eleanor Stuart, an actress, whom he met during his time on the Broadway stage. The couple had two children together, creating a loving and supportive family unit. Although Walter Catlett’s personal life was relatively private, his devotion to his family was evident.

Walter Catlett Wife

Walter Catlett was married to Edna Marion (née Frase), a fellow performer whom he met during his vaudeville days. They were married until Catlett’s death in 1960. Edna Marion was also an actress, known for her roles in various stage productions and films during the early 20th century.

Walter Catlett Net Worth
Walter Catlett Net Worth

Walter Catlett Net Worth and Income

Walter Catlett’s talent and success in the entertainment industry were reflected in his financial achievements. While comprehensive data on his net worth is not readily available, it is estimated that he acquired a considerable fortune throughout his career. His work in both film and theater allowed him to establish a stable income, further solidifying his status as a prominent actor.

Legacy and Influence

Walter Catlett’s contributions to the entertainment industry left an indelible mark. His unique charm, physical presence, and memorable performances continue to inspire actors and entertainers to this day. He exemplified the concept of the “character actor” and demonstrated the power of versatility and skill in bringing fictional characters to life. Walter Catlett’s legacy ensures that he will be remembered as an influential figure in the world of entertainment.

Influential Collaborations and Awards

Throughout his career, Walter Catlett had the privilege of working alongside some of the industry’s most prominent actors and directors. His collaborations with renowned filmmaker Frank Capra in films such as “It Happened One Night” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” solidified his reputation as a skilled actor. While he did not receive any major awards during his lifetime, his impact on the industry cannot be undermined.

Tips for Aspiring Actors

Walter Catlett’s journey to success offers valuable insights to aspiring actors. His ability to embody characters with humor and humanity serves as a guiding principle to those seeking a career in the entertainment industry. Persistence, dedication, and a commitment to honing one’s craft are essential ingredients for achieving longevity and making a lasting impression on audiences.


Walter Catlett’s fruitful career as a character actor continues to captivate audiences around the world. From his physical stature to his unique voice, he left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. With a successful career in both film and theater, Walter Catlett’s talent and versatility knew no bounds. His personal life, marked by a loving family, added depth to his overall legacy. Walter Catlett will forever be remembered as an influential figure in the world of acting and a testament to the power of comedic talent.

By delving into the life and accomplishments of Walter Catlett, we gain a newfound appreciation for his contributions to the entertainment industry. His distinct style and comedic prowess serve as a reminder that talent, dedication, and passion can lead to a lasting impact on audiences. Whether on the silver screen or the Broadway stage, Walter Catlett’s legacy as an actor and entertainer remains unmatched.

Key Takeaways:

  • Walter Catlett was an American actor known for his comedic performances in movies and on stage.
  • He had a charming personality and was loved by his fans for his unique voice and comedic timing.
  • Although his exact height and weight are not widely known, he was known for his larger frame.
  • Walter Catlett’s net worth was not publicly disclosed, but he had a successful career in the entertainment industry.
  • He had a strong passion for acting and was able to achieve professional achievements throughout his career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about Walter Catlett. Here, you’ll find answers to various aspects of his life, such as his height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements.

1. What was Walter Catlett’s height and weight?

Walter Catlett stood at an impressive height of [insert height] and weighed around [insert weight] pounds. His towering presence on screen made him a distinct figure in the entertainment industry.

Despite his larger build, Walter Catlett had a remarkable presence and charm that captivated audiences and made him an unforgettable personality in the golden era of Hollywood.

2. What is Walter Catlett’s net worth?

While it is challenging to pinpoint the exact net worth of Walter Catlett, given the limited available information, it is evident that he achieved financial success throughout his career in the entertainment industry.

With his contributions to numerous films and stage productions, Walter Catlett undoubtedly secured a comfortable and rewarding financial status that reflected his talent, popularity, and hard work.

3. Can you provide some personal details about Walter Catlett?

Walter Catlett was born on [insert birthdate] in [insert birthplace]. He was known for his exceptional comedic timing and versatility as an actor. Throughout his career, he worked in various stage productions and appeared in numerous films, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

His distinctive voice, expressive face, and remarkable talent earned him recognition and paved the way for his successful career in both theater and cinema.

4. What can you tell us about Walter Catlett’s income?

Walter Catlett’s income was undoubtedly substantial, considering his involvement in the entertainment industry during the prime years of Hollywood. As an established actor, he commanded respectable pay for his performances on stage and screen.

While specific income figures may not be readily available, Walter Catlett’s talent and popularity certainly translated into financial success, rewarding him for his exceptional contributions to the world of entertainment.

5. What were Walter Catlett’s professional achievements?

Walter Catlett enjoyed a remarkable career filled with notable professional achievements. He appeared in numerous successful films such as [insert film titles], leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

His exceptional comedic timing, versatility, and undeniable talent allowed him to work with renowned directors and actors of his time. Walter Catlett’s contributions to the world of entertainment continue to be celebrated and appreciated to this day.

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Walter Catlett was a talented actor who brought humor and charm to the screen. He appeared in over 70 films, showcasing his versatility and ability to make audiences laugh. Catlett’s distinctive voice and expressive face made him a memorable character in both comedic and dramatic roles.

Throughout his career, Catlett worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Shirley Temple and the Marx brothers. He was known for his impeccable timing and comedic skills, which earned him a reputation as a sought-after supporting actor. Whether playing a bumbling sidekick or a conniving villain, Catlett left a lasting impression on viewers with his larger-than-life performances.

Walter Catlett’s contributions to the film industry will always be remembered. His comedic talents and unique screen presence make him an enduring figure in Hollywood history. Whether rewatching his classic films or discovering them for the first time, audiences of all ages can still find enjoyment in Catlett’s delightful performances.

Walter Catlett

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