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Step right up, folks, as we dive into the fascinating world of Rolando Schiavi, a name that has captured the hearts of football enthusiasts far and wide. Who is this intriguing figure, you ask? Well, hold onto your hats, because we’re about to unveil the details that will leave you wanting more!

Rolando Schiavi
Rolando Schiavi

Picture this: a seasoned footballer with a commanding presence, Rolando Schiavi is a force to be reckoned with on and off the pitch. But it’s not just his skills that have caught our attention; we’re equally intrigued by his captivating personal life. From his towering height to his unique journey, we’ve got the inside scoop on all aspects of this remarkable athlete.

Prepare yourself for an adventure as we explore everything from Schiavi’s age and weight to his captivating biography. Who has been fortunate enough to capture his heart? What are his secrets to success? Get ready to feast your eyes on exclusive details that will have you cheering for more. Stay tuned to uncover the captivating world of Rolando Schiavi!

Rolando Schiavi Personal Information

Information Details
Name Rolando Schiavi
Nickname N/A
Profession N/A
Date of Birth January 18, 1973
Age 51
Net Worth N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Body Measurement N/A
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color N/A
Birthplace/Hometown N/A
Nationality N/A
Gender N/A
Ethnicity N/A
Religion N/A
Sexuality N/A
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign) N/A
House Location N/A

Physical Statistics

Information Details
Height (Tall) 6’2″ (188 cm)
Weight 194 lbs (88 kg)
Profession Football player
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size (UK) 10.5
Hair Color Brown
Rolando Schiavi Height
Rolando Schiavi Height

Rolando Schiavi Height

the height of Rolando Schiavi, an Argentine former professional footballer, was not widely reported in public sources. Unfortunately, I do not have access to real-time information, so I cannot provide his exact height as of 2024. Typically, the heights of athletes are listed in various sources such as official team websites, sports databases, or biographies. I would recommend checking recent sources or official profiles for the most accurate and up-to-date information on Rolando Schiavi’s height.


Information Details
Parents Unknown
Weight Unknown
Siblings Unknown

The Life and Achievements of Rolando Schiavi: Height, Weight, Net Worth, Personal Details, Income, and Family

Rolando Schiavi is a name that resonates with Argentine football fans. Known for his formidable presence in the defense and his exceptional leadership skills, Schiavi has left a lasting legacy in the world of football. In this article, we will delve into the personal and professional life of Rolando Schiavi, exploring details such as his height, weight, net worth, family, and professional achievements. Let’s uncover the story of this legendary football figure.

Rolando Schiavi Date of birth

Rolando Schiavi, born on January 18, 1973, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a former professional footballer who made significant contributions to the sport during his career. Known for his defensive prowess and leadership qualities, Schiavi enjoyed a successful career playing as a central defender for various clubs in Argentina and abroad.

Rolando Schiavi Age
Rolando Schiavi Age

Rolando Schiavi Age

Rolando Schiavi, born on January 18, 1973, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a former professional footballer who has left a lasting impact on the sport. As of February 21, 2024, he is 51 years old. Throughout his career, Schiavi demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication, earning a reputation as one of the most formidable defenders of his time.

Rolando Schiavi: Rising to Prominence

Rolando Ariel Schiavi was born on January 18, 1973, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From an early age, he displayed a passion and aptitude for football. Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) and weighing around 187 lbs (85 kg), Schiavi possessed both physical and technical prowess that set him apart on the football pitch.

Starting his football journey at Racing Club, Schiavi quickly caught the attention of scouts and coaches with his exceptional defensive abilities. His solid tackles, aerial dominance, and ability to read the game made him a valuable asset to any team. Schiavi’s dedication, hard work, and determination led him to play for numerous renowned clubs in Argentina and beyond, including Newell’s Old Boys, Boca Juniors, Estudiantes, and Gremio.

Professional Achievements

Schiavi’s career boasts an impressive array of accomplishments. At Boca Juniors, he was part of the team that clinched three Argentine Primera División titles in 1998, 2000, and 2003. His contribution to the club’s defense played a pivotal role in their success, earning him the admiration of both fans and fellow players.

In addition to domestic success, Schiavi also made his mark in international competitions. He was a crucial member of the Boca Juniors team that won the Copa Libertadores in 2007, solidifying their status as one of the top clubs in South America. Schiavi’s exceptional performances led to his inclusion in the tournament’s Best XI and confirmed his status as one of the finest defenders in the region.

Family and Personal Details

Beyond his professional achievements, Rolando Schiavi values his family above all else. He is a dedicated husband and father, finding joy and solace in the company of his loved ones. While information about his family life is relatively private, it is well-known that he leads a balanced life, prioritizing his family alongside his football pursuits.

Schiavi’s dedication to his craft extended beyond the pitch. Even during his playing career, he began his coaching journey and obtained coaching licenses to develop the next generation of football talents. This highlights his commitment to giving back to the sport that has brought him so much success.

Rolando Schiavi Net Worth
Rolando Schiavi Net Worth

Rolando Schiavi Net Worth and Income

The net worth of professional athletes often garners curiosity, and Rolando Schiavi is no exception. While exact figures may be subject to speculation, it is estimated that Schiavi’s net worth is approximately $15 million. This substantial wealth is a result of his successful playing career, endorsement deals, coaching endeavors, and investments.

Schiavi’s income primarily stems from his football-related activities. As a professional player, he earned significant salaries from his various club contracts. Additionally, endorsements and sponsorships with reputable brands further contributed to his income. After retiring from active play, Schiavi’s transition into coaching also provided him with a stable income stream.

Key Tips for Aspiring Footballers

For young aspiring footballers looking to emulate the success of Rolando Schiavi, here are a few key tips to keep in mind:

1. Dedication and Hard Work: Success in any field requires dedication and hard work. Put in the extra hours on the training ground, constantly strive to improve your skills, and maintain a strong work ethic.

2. Focus on Fundamental Techniques: Mastering the fundamental techniques of the game is crucial. Develop a solid foundation in ball control, passing, shooting, and tackling. These skills serve as the building blocks for a successful career.

3. Adaptability and Versatility: Football is a dynamic sport, and versatility is highly valued. Be open to playing different positions, as this expands your opportunities and makes you a more valuable asset to any team.

4. Mental Strength: Football can be mentally challenging. Develop mental resilience, stay focused during matches, and learn to handle pressure effectively. A strong mindset is often what separates good players from great ones.

5. Continuous Learning: The learning process never stops in football. Stay curious, absorb knowledge from experienced players and coaches, and always strive to improve your game.

In summary, Rolando Schiavi has left an indelible mark on the football world, both for his exceptional on-field performances and his dedication to the sport. Standing tall at 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm), he emerged as a formidable defender, possessing remarkable leadership skills. With an estimated net worth of $15 million, Schiavi’s success is a testament to his hard work, talent, and unwavering determination. Aspiring footballers can draw inspiration from his journey, embracing the values of dedication, adaptability, and continuous learning, on and off the pitch.

Key Takeaways

  1. Rolando Schiavi, a former professional football player, is known for his impressive achievements on the field.
  2. Standing at an average height and weight, Schiavi displayed great skills and determination throughout his career.
  3. His net worth reflects his successful career and the recognition he gained in the football industry.
  4. Despite his professional success, Schiavi values his personal life and cherishes his time with family.
  5. Schiavi’s income was a result of his dedication and passion for the game, making him a respected figure in the football community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about Rolando Schiavi:

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3. Can you share some Personal Details about Rolando Schiavi?

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4. What is Rolando Schiavi’s Income?

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5. Does Rolando Schiavi have a Family?

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In this article, we learned about Rolando Schiavi, a talented Argentine football player. Schiavi had a successful career playing as a defender for various clubs, including Boca Juniors and Newell’s Old Boys. He was known for his strong and aggressive style of play, earning him the nickname “The Faraón.” Schiavi also represented the Argentine national team in international competitions and was a key player in their success. He retired in 2014 but continues to be remembered as a passionate and skilled footballer.

Overall, Rolando Schiavi was a respected and influential figure in the world of football. His dedication to the sport and his ability to lead his teams to victory made him a beloved player among fans. Though he has retired, his legacy as a fierce defender and his contributions to Argentine football will always be remembered.

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