Neena Gupta height, Age, Husband, Date of birth, net worth, career and biography

Neena Gupta, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has captivated audiences with her talent and versatility. This article delves into her life, uncovering details about her height, weight, age, biography, husband, and more. Neena Gupta, known for her remarkable performances, has made a significant impact in both films and television. Let’s explore the fascinating journey of this accomplished artist.

Neena Gupta
Neena Gupta

Neena Gupta, the name that resonates with excellence, has been leaving an indelible mark in the world of entertainment. From her early days in Indian cinema to her recent prolific work, Neena Gupta has become a household name. Her remarkable talent, coupled with her unique charm, has made her a favorite among audiences of all ages.

As we embark on this journey to discover more about Neena Gupta, we’ll uncover interesting facts about her personal life and professional achievements. We’ll dive into her physical attributes, exploring details about her height, weight, and age. Additionally, we’ll delve into her captivating biography and shed light on her relationship status, including her husband and more. Join us as we get to know the multifaceted Neena Gupta and the incredible career she has built.

Neena Gupta Personal Information

Information Details
Name Neena Gupta
Profession Actress
Date of Birth July 4, 1959
Age 64 years
Net Worth $5 million (approx)
Height 5 feet 1 inch
Weight 61 kg
Body Measurement
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Birthplace / Hometown New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Gender Female
Religion Hinduism
Sexuality Straight
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign) Cancer
House Location Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Social Media

Wiki Page Neena Gupta – Wikipedia
Facebook Link Neena Gupta – Facebook
Twitter Profile Link Neena Gupta – Twitter

Physical Statistics

Information Details
Height (Tall) Not available
Weight Not available
Profession Actor
Eye Color Not available
Shoe Size (UK) Not available
Hair Color Grey

Neena Gupta Height

Neena Gupta Height
Neena Gupta Height

Neena Gupta, the esteemed Indian actress, stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm). Despite her relatively average height, Gupta’s commanding presence and versatile performances have made her a respected figure in Indian cinema, captivating audiences with her talent and charisma on screen.


Information Details
Parents Unknown
Weight Unknown
Siblings Unknown

Neena Gupta: Height, Weight, Net Worth, Personal Details, Income, Family, Professional Achievements

Neena Gupta is a renowned Indian actress, television director, and producer who has made a significant impact on the world of Indian cinema. With her incredible talent, versatility, and charming personality, Neena Gupta has won the hearts of audiences and critics alike. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Neena Gupta’s life, including her height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements.

Neena Gupta Date of birth

Neena Gupta was born on July 4, 1959, in Delhi, India. She is a renowned Indian actress, director, and television personality known for her versatile performances across various mediums. Gupta’s talent and dedication have earned her widespread acclaim, making her a respected and influential figure in the Indian entertainment industry.

Neena Gupta Age

Neena Gupta Age
Neena Gupta Age

Neena Gupta is currently 64 years old, having been born on July 4, 1959, in Delhi, India. As a highly regarded Indian actress, director, and television personality, she continues to impress audiences with her talent and versatility, solidifying her status as a respected figure in the Indian entertainment industry.

Neena Gupta’s Early Life and Personal Details

Born on June 4, 1959, in New Delhi, Neena Gupta hails from a middle-class family. She completed her post-graduation in Sanskrit literature from the University of Delhi. Neena Gupta has a charming personality and a radiant smile that lights up the screen. Standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters) and weighing around 55 kilograms (121 pounds), she possesses a graceful and elegant presence.

Neena Gupta’s personal life is equally fascinating. She got married to internationally acclaimed West Indian cricketer Vivian Richards in 1996, and they have a daughter together named Masaba Gupta, who is a well-known fashion designer. However, the couple separated soon after Masaba’s birth, and Neena Gupta single-handedly raised her daughter with tremendous love and dedication.

Neena Gupta’s Family

Neena Gupta comes from a modest background and has always kept her family at the forefront. She shares a close bond with her daughter, Masaba Gupta, who is a prominent fashion designer. Despite the challenges she faced as a single mother, Neena Gupta has been an inspiration to many, showcasing her strength and determination to provide the best for her child.

In recent years, Neena Gupta’s personal and professional lives have intersected as her daughter Masaba has collaborated with her in various ventures. Together, they have launched a clothing line called “House of Masaba,” which has gained immense popularity due to its unique and vibrant designs.

Neena Gupta’s brilliance as an actress and her ability to balance her personal and professional life is truly commendable. She continues to bring freshness to her roles and remains an inspiration to aspiring actors and women across the globe.

Neena Gupta Husband

Neena Gupta was married to Vivek Mehra, a chartered accountant. They have a daughter, Masaba Gupta, who is a renowned fashion designer. Despite their divorce, Neena Gupta and Vivek Mehra maintain an amicable relationship, focusing on co-parenting their daughter and supporting each other in their respective endeavors.

Neena Gupta’s Net Worth and Income

Neena Gupta's Net Worth
Neena Gupta’s Net Worth

Neena Gupta’s extensive contribution to the entertainment industry has not only garnered critical acclaim but has also resulted in a substantial net worth. As of 2021, her estimated net worth is around $15 million. Her earnings primarily come from acting in films, television shows, brand endorsements, and her ventures in directing and producing.

Neena Gupta’s talent and dedication have been recognized with several prestigious awards, including two National Film Awards and a Filmfare Award. Her versatile performances and ability to portray a wide range of characters have made her a sought-after artist in the industry.

Neena Gupta’s Professional Achievements

Neena Gupta’s journey in the world of acting began with her acceptance into the National School of Drama (NSD) in New Delhi. She received formal training in acting and showcased immense potential from the very beginning. After completing her education at NSD, she made her acting debut in the 1982 film “Gandhi” where she played the role of Mahatma Gandhi’s niece.

Over the years, Neena Gupta has starred in numerous films, both commercial and critically acclaimed. Some of her notable movies include “Woh Chhokri,” for which she won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress, “Badhaai Ho,” “Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan,” and “Panga.” Her performances in these films have received widespread recognition, catapulting her to the top league of Indian actresses.

Apart from her success in films, Neena Gupta has also made a mark in the television industry. She gained popularity with her role as Priya in the popular television series “Saans” and later went on to direct and produce television shows like “Kyun Hota Hai Pyarrr” and “Siski.”

Neena Gupta’s Journey and Achievements

Throughout her career, Neena Gupta has broken barriers and defied societal expectations. She has fearlessly taken on unconventional roles and challenged age-old norms prevalent in the Indian film industry. Neena Gupta’s decision to pursue her dreams while raising her daughter single-handedly is a testament to her determination and resilience.

In addition to her accomplishments as an actor, Neena Gupta has also written an autobiography titled “Sach Kahun Toh” where she shares her journey, experiences, and struggles, making it an inspiring read for her fans and admirers. The book sheds light on her personal and professional life, providing valuable insights into the world of Indian cinema.

Neena Gupta’s incredible talent, unwavering spirit, and sheer dedication to her craft have solidified her status as one of the finest actors in the Indian film industry. Her journey is a testament to the fact that with hard work, perseverance, and self-belief, one can overcome any obstacles and achieve greatness.

In conclusion, Neena Gupta’s remarkable journey, personal details, professional achievements, and her impact on the world of Indian cinema make her an iconic figure. Her dedication, versatile performances, and ability to inspire others have paved the way for a new wave of artists in the industry. Neena Gupta continues to shine bright and leaves a lasting impression on every role she portrays, making her an irreplaceable gem in the world of entertainment.

Key Takeaways

  • Neena Gupta is a talented actress known for her contributions to the Indian entertainment industry.
  • She has achieved success in both films and television shows, winning several awards for her performances.
  • Neena Gupta stands at a height of _______ (mention height), and weighs approximately _______ (mention weight).
  • Her net worth reflects her successful career and includes income from her acting projects and endorsements.
  • Neena Gupta comes from a loving and supportive family, who has been her pillar of strength throughout her journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neena Gupta is a renowned Indian actress who has made significant contributions to the film and television industry. She has been a part of several successful projects and has garnered a lot of attention for her talent and versatility. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about Neena Gupta.

1. What is Neena Gupta’s height and weight?

Neena Gupta stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) and weighs around 60 kilograms (132 lbs). Despite her petite frame, she has an impressive on-screen presence and has proven her acting prowess time and again.

Neena Gupta maintains her fitness through regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, enabling her to tackle diverse roles with ease.

2. What is Neena Gupta’s net worth?

Neena Gupta has had a successful career spanning several decades, which has undoubtedly contributed to her net worth. While an exact figure is not publicly known, it is estimated that her net worth is in the range of several million dollars.

In addition to her acting career, Neena Gupta has also ventured into other avenues such as directing and writing. She continues to be a sought-after talent in the industry, further boosting her financial success.

3. Can you share some personal details about Neena Gupta?

Neena Gupta was born on June 4, 1959, in Delhi, India. She completed her education at the National School of Drama, where she honed her acting skills. Neena Gupta was married to former West Indian cricketer Vivian Richards, with whom she has a daughter named Masaba Gupta.

Despite facing various challenges in her personal life, Neena Gupta has always maintained a strong and determined spirit, which is reflected in her exceptional performances on-screen.

4. How does Neena Gupta earn her income?

Neena Gupta primarily earns her income through her acting assignments in films, television, and theater. She has been a part of numerous successful projects, which have contributed to her financial stability. Additionally, she has also ventured into writing, directing, and other creative pursuits.

Neena Gupta’s talent and dedication have made her a respected figure in the entertainment industry, ensuring a steady inflow of income from various sources.

5. What are some of Neena Gupta’s professional achievements?

Neena Gupta has received widespread acclaim for her performances in both films and television. Some of her notable works include the critically acclaimed film “Badhaai Ho,” for which she won the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress, and the popular television series “Saans,” which showcased her exceptional acting skills.

Throughout her career, Neena Gupta has been honored with numerous awards and nominations for her outstanding contributions to Indian cinema. She continues to impress audiences with her versatility and commitment to her craft.

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Neena Gupta is an Indian actress and television director known for her versatile performances. She started her career in the 1980s and has since then worked in numerous films and TV shows, gaining recognition and awards for her talent. Gupta is particularly known for breaking societal norms and taking on unconventional roles, paving the way for representation of strong female characters in the Indian film industry.

Gupta’s journey is an inspiring example of determination and breaking barriers. She has shown that with hard work and persistence, one can achieve their goals, regardless of age or societal expectations. Through her work, Gupta has brought forth important issues such as gender equality and women empowerment, and her impact on Indian cinema will continue to inspire future generations. Despite the challenges she faced, Gupta’s tenacity and talent have made her a true trailblazer in the entertainment industry.

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