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Natalie Martinez is an American actress and model born on July 12, 1984. She started acting at the age of 15 and has performed in many films and television shows. She is best known for performance on the Death Race film in 2008. In 2006 and 2007, she acted in two short telenovelas. Besides, from 2003 to 2011, she has appeared in music videos. After starting her acting life, she performed successfully at every step, and now she is a trendy actress. She is also recognized as a spokesmodel by Jennifer Lopez. This article is all about her biography, including childhood, career, and success. Have a look at the table below for a glance.

Natalie Martinez
Natalie Martinez

Natalie Martinez Personal information 

Attribute Information
Real Name Natalie Martinez
Nickname Natalie
Profession Model, Actress
Date Of Birth July 12, 1984
Age 39 years old
Net Worth $4 million
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 64 kg
Body Measurements Bust: 36 inches Waist: 25 inches Hip: 36 inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Boyfriend No
Parents Father: Manuel Martinez Mother: Odalys Nunez

Social media

Platform Link
Facebook Profile/Page NatalieMartinezNBC5
Wiki Page Natalie Martinez – Wikipedia
Twitter Profile nataliemartinez
Instagram Profile iamnataliemartinez

physical appearance

Attribute Information
Height 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters)
Weight 64 kg (142 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Measurements Bust: 36 inches Waist: 25 inches Hip: 36 inches Bra Size: 34B

Early Life

Natalie Martinez was born on July 12, 1984, in Miami, Florida U.S., she was born into a family of Cuban origin. It was a big family. Her father’s name is Manuel Martinez, and her mother’s name is Odalys Nunez. She likes to spend time with her family at leisure, I mean when she is not on shooting.

The reason for her success is the suggestions of her mother. She always inspired her. From an early age, her mother introduced him to the entertainment world. She has one brother and a sister. They all grow up together at the birthplace. She completed her primary education at a school next to her home. Then she attended high school. After finishing secondary School; In 2002, she completed her graduation from St. Brendan High School.

Natalie Martinez Date of Birth
Natalie Martinez Date of Birth

Natalie Martinez Date of Birth

Natalie Martinez was born on July 12, 1984. She is a talented American actress and model known for her roles in various television series and films. With her captivating performances and stunning presence, Martinez has garnered a dedicated fan base. Her birthday falls on July 12th each year.

Natalie Martinez Husband

Natalie is a well-known actress around the world. She has a lot of young fans. They want to know about her relationship status. Well, in a recent interview, she revealed that she is single. She had no boyfriend and currently does not.

Now she is focused on career and trying to improve acting skills. She said that she is open to love if anyone wants to come in her life. She also added, self-love is the essential thing for every people. Everyone should love themselves more than others.

Natalie Martinez Age
Natalie Martinez Age

Natalie Martinez Age

Natalie Martinez, born on July 12, 1984, is currently 35 years old. Despite her age, she maintains a youthful appearance and vibrant energy. Her age belies her timeless beauty and enduring charm, making her a captivating presence both on and off screen.


When Martinez was fifteen years old, she started acting professionally. She has participated and completed many films and television series. Also, she has done several music videos. Here is a brief description of her acting career in various stages.

She made her first appearance of a television show in 2006. The name of the series is Fashion House. She acted on the telenovela Fashion House as Michelle Miller and played an important role in there, but the series did not become popular. Later, she participated in other series and became known. She starred in several television shows, including Under the Dome, CSI: NY, Sons of Tucson, Into the Dark, From Dusk till Dawn: The Series, and more. Natalie starred a few series that were canceled after one or two seasons such as APB, Detroit 1-8-7, The Crossing. You can watch out her TV shows by streaming on Netflix.

All of the series helped her to become famous. Currently, she is a well-known model in America. Here are the top 5 TV shows:

  • Under the Dome (2013 – 2015)
  • Detroit 1-8-7 k2010 – 2011l
  • APB (2017)
  • The I-Land (2019)
  • CSI: NY (2004 – 2013)

In 2008, she started professionally acting in the film industry. Her debut film was Death Race. It’s a famous movie by Natalie Martinez. By which she got fame as well as the chance for acting in others. She was able to prove herself in the first film. She was worked as a Case on that film.

After that, she started regularly acting in movies and television. Her other exciting films include End of Watch, Self/less, Message from the King and Broken City. She also reached out to the entertainment lover by participating in many music videos such as Senorita and Rain Over Me. Have a look at the

Top 5 Natalie Martinez Movies 

  • Death Race (2008)
  • Self/less (2015)
  • End of Watch (2012)
  • Broken City (2013)
  • Keep Watching (2017)
Natalie Martinez Net Worth

Natalie Martinez Net Worth

Natalie Martinez, a talented American actress and model, has built a substantial net worth estimated at $4 million. Her financial success is attributed to her diverse roles in film and television, showcasing her dedication and hard work in the entertainment industry. Martinez’s career continues to flourish with her dynamic performances.


Natalie Martinez has been acting since 2006. In her career, she has performed on more than twelve films and more than fifteen TV shows.

Although she has done very few films, many of those were hitting and become popular on the release time. Without it, she has done several music videos. Now she is well known to the film lover of various countries. She has a lot of fans on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She always tries to connect with fans that’s why the number of followers is increasing significantly.

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