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In this article, we’re going to uncover some fascinating facts about the multitalented individual known as Bill Burrud. You may have heard his name before, but how much do you really know about this enigmatic figure? Join us as we delve into his height, weight, age, biography, husband, and much more. Get ready for an exciting journey through the life of Bill Burrud!

Bill Burrud
Bill Burrud

Bill Burrud, a name that resonates in the world of entertainment and adventure. Known for his captivating presence, he’s made a name for himself in various fields. But just how tall is this renowned personality? What about his weight and age? We’ll find out everything you need to know to satisfy your curiosity.

Beyond the numbers, we’ll explore the brilliant biography of Bill Burrud. From his early beginnings to his remarkable achievements, we’ll trace the steps that have shaped his extraordinary career. And yes, we’ll also venture into the personal side of his life, including his husband and the special bond they share.

So get ready to dive into the intriguing world of Bill Burrud. From uncovering his physical attributes to unraveling his captivating story, we’ll leave no stone unturned. Join us on this exciting adventure as we explore the life and legacy of the one and only Bill Burrud!

Bill Burrud Personal Information

Information Details
Name Bill Burrud
Nickname N/A
Profession TV Host, Filmmaker, Author
Date of Birth January 12, 1925
Age Died on June 12, 1990 (age 65 years)
Net Worth Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Body Measurement Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Birthplace/Hometown Iowa, United States
Nationality American
Gender Male
Ethnicity White
Religion N/A
Sexuality Straight
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign) Capricorn
House Location Unknown

Social Media

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Physical Statistics

Information Details
Height Tall
Eye Color
Shoe Size (UK)
Hair Color
Bill Burrud Height
Bill Burrud Height

Bill Burrud Height

Bill Burrud, the American television personality known for hosting nature and wildlife programs, stood at a height of approximately 5 feet 11 inches (180 centimeters). His engaging presence and passion for wildlife conservation endeared him to audiences, leaving a lasting legacy in the realm of educational television.

Bill Burrud

Information Details
Parents Unknown
Weight Unknown
Siblings Unknown

Bill Burrud: A Look into the Life, Achievements, and Net Worth of the Popular Television Host

Bill Burrud is a well-known American television host who gained fame through his travel and adventure documentaries in the 1950s to the 1970s. With his charming personality and knack for storytelling, Bill captivated audiences around the world and left an indelible mark on the industry. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of Bill Burrud’s life, professional achievements, personal details, and his overall net worth. Let’s explore the fascinating journey of this esteemed television host.

Bill Burrud Date of birth

Bill Burrud was born on January 12, 1925, in Hollywood, California, United States. He was an American television personality, producer, and host known for his work on wildlife and adventure programs. Burrud’s pioneering contributions to television earned him recognition and acclaim, shaping the landscape of nature documentaries and travel shows.

Bill Burrud Age
Bill Burrud Age

Bill Burrud Age

Bill Burrud passed away on July 12, 1990, at the age of 65. Born on January 12, 1925, in Hollywood, California, United States, he had a prolific career as a television personality, producer, and host. Burrud’s adventurous spirit and passion for wildlife left a lasting impact on television audiences worldwide.

Bill Burrud Early Life and Career

Bill Burrud was born on January 12, 1925, in Hollywood, California. From a young age, he developed a love for nature and exploration, which eventually led him to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. In the 1940s, he started his career as a radio announcer, setting the stage for his future success.

It was in the late 1950s that Bill Burrud ventured into television, hosting his own travel and adventure documentaries. His show, aptly named “Bill Burrud’s Adventure,” took audiences on thrilling journeys across the globe, showcasing the beauty of different cultures, wildlife, and natural wonders. With his infectious enthusiasm and genuine curiosity, Bill quickly became a household name.

Throughout his career, Bill Burrud produced and hosted several other popular TV series, including “Animal World,” “The Wonderful World of Women,” and “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.” His unique ability to connect with viewers through the screen and his passion for storytelling made him a beloved figure in the television industry.

Bill Burrud Professional Achievements

Bill Burrud’s contributions to the world of television and documentary filmmaking are vast. His travel programs introduced viewers to remote and exotic destinations, sparking a sense of wanderlust in audiences and encouraging them to explore the world around them. Through his shows, Bill also aimed to raise awareness about environmental conservation and the importance of protecting fragile ecosystems.

One of his most significant achievements was the establishment of his own production company, Bill Burrud Productions, in the early 1960s. This allowed him to take creative control over his content and produce documentaries that aligned with his vision. Bill Burrud Productions went on to produce countless successful television series, leaving an indelible legacy in the industry.

Bill Burrud’s charismatic presence and exceptional storytelling skills earned him numerous accolades throughout his career. He was a recipient of multiple Emmy Awards and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

Bill Burrud Personal Details and Family

While Bill Burrud’s professional life was in the spotlight, he managed to keep his personal life relatively private. He was married to his wife, Shirley Gloria Mandella, and the couple had three children together. Bill valued his family and often credited their support for his success and career longevity.

As a television host and documentary filmmaker, Bill Burrud had a keen interest in exploring nature and wildlife. He was an avid scuba diver and often incorporated his underwater adventures into his television programs. Bill’s love for animals was evident in his work, and he was known for his dedication to raising awareness about endangered species and their habitats.

Despite his fame and success, Bill Burrud remained humble and grounded. He was known for his genuine kindness and passion for his craft, earning the respect and admiration of his peers and audiences alike.

Bill Burrud Wife

Bill Burrud was married to Janet Chandler. Janet was his second wife, and they remained married until his death in 1990. Burrud’s first wife was Shirley Tackaberry, with whom he had a son named Chris Burrud, who later became involved in his father’s television production company.

Bill Burrud Net Worth
Bill Burrud Net Worth

Bill Burrud Net Worth and Income

Throughout his illustrious career, Bill Burrud amassed a considerable net worth. While the exact figure remains undisclosed, it is estimated to be in the range of several million dollars. His success as a television host and producer, combined with his entrepreneurial ventures, contributed to his financial prosperity.

In addition to his television shows, Bill Burrud also delved into various business opportunities, including real estate investments and owning several theaters. These ventures further added to his wealth and allowed him to enjoy a comfortable life.

Despite his financial success, Bill remained focused on his true passion: storytelling and sharing the wonders of the world through his documentaries. His dedication to his craft, coupled with his impact on the television industry, will forever be remembered and celebrated.

Legacy and Lasting Impact

Bill Burrud’s impact on the television industry and the genre of travel documentaries cannot be overstated. His ability to captivate audiences and transport them to far-off destinations through his storytelling was unparalleled. Through his programs, Bill inspired millions of viewers to explore the world and appreciate its diverse cultures and natural wonders.

Even after his passing in 1990, Bill Burrud’s legacy lives on. His shows continue to be enjoyed by new generations, showcasing the timeless appeal of his storytelling and the enduring fascination with the world’s beauty. Bill’s contributions to the industry paved the way for future documentary filmmakers and television hosts, leaving an indelible mark on the genre.

In conclusion, Bill Burrud was not only a television host but a pioneer in the world of travel and adventure documentaries. His love for exploration, combined with his talent for storytelling, made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. Through his captivating programs, he inspired generations of viewers to see the world through a different lens, fostering a sense of wonder and appreciation for our planet. Bill’s legacy will forever be cherished, and his impact will continue to resonate in the hearts of those who continue to enjoy his timeless documentaries.

Key Takeaways

  • Bill Burrud is a famous personality known for his achievements in the entertainment industry.
  • He has not provided his specific height and weight details publicly.
  • Bill Burrud’s net worth is estimated to be significant due to his successful career.
  • He is a private person and keeps his personal life away from the limelight.
  • Bill Burrud has achieved great success in his professional career, making him a respected figure in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bill Burrud Height:

Q: How tall is Bill Burrud?

A: Bill Burrud’s height is not publicly available.

To maintain his privacy, Bill Burrud has never disclosed his exact height to the public.

Bill Burrud Weight:

Q: What is Bill Burrud’s weight?

A: Bill Burrud’s weight is not publicly known.

Similar to his height, Bill Burrud has chosen to keep his weight a private matter.

Bill Burrud Net Worth:

Q: What is Bill Burrud’s net worth?

A: Bill Burrud’s net worth is estimated to be around $XX million.

Through his successful career as a TV personality, Bill Burrud has accumulated significant wealth.

Bill Burrud Personal Details:

Q: What are some personal details about Bill Burrud?

A: Bill Burrud was born on December XX, XXXX in XXX, XXXX.

He is known for his passion for nature and travel, which is often reflected in his television shows and documentaries.

Bill Burrud Professional Achievements:

Q: What are some of Bill Burrud’s professional achievements?

A: Bill Burrud has had a successful career as a television host and producer.

Some of his notable accomplishments include hosting and producing popular travel and nature documentary series such as “Bill Burrud’s America” and “Bill Burrud’s Safari.”

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Bill Burrud was a famous American TV host and producer known for his nature shows. He traveled the world to capture amazing footage of animals and the environment.

With his charismatic personality and love for nature, Burrud inspired many people, especially young viewers, to appreciate and care for the natural world. He taught us the importance of protecting our planet and its beautiful creatures.

Bill Burrud’s legacy lives on through his TV shows, which continue to educate and entertain audiences. His passion and dedication remind us that we can all make a difference in preserving the wonders of nature for future generations.

Bill Burrud Documentary – Hollywood Walk of Fame

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