Antônio Carlos height, Age, Wife, Date of birth, net worth, career and biography

Welcome to the exciting world of Antônio Carlos! In this article, we’ll unveil the fascinating details about his height, weight, age, biography, husband, and more. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the life of this remarkable individual!

Antônio Carlos
Antônio Carlos

Antônio Carlos, a name that sparks curiosity and admiration, has captivated audiences with his incredible talent, charm, and personality. From his physical attributes to his personal life, we’re here to uncover all the intriguing facts that make him who he is.

Delve into his biography, and you’ll discover a journey filled with determination, perseverance, and triumph. As we explore his life, we’ll shed light on the experiences and milestones that have shaped Antônio Carlos into the remarkable person he is today.

So, get ready to be inspired and enlightened as we embark on this captivating journey through the life of Antônio Carlos. Join us as we unveil his height, weight, age, biography, and even get a glimpse into his personal life. Trust us, you won’t want to miss a single detail!

Antônio Carlos Personal Information

Information Details
Name Antônio Carlos
Date of Birth April 15, 1993
Age 31
Net Worth
Body Measurement
Eye Color
Hair Color
Sun Sign
House Location

Social Media

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Physical Statistics

Information Details
Height (Tall) 6’2″ (187 cm)
Weight 180 lbs (82 kg)
Profession Engineer
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size (UK) 9
Hair Color Black


Information Details
Parents Unknown
Weight Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Antônio Carlos Height
Antônio Carlos Height

Antônio Carlos Height

Antônio Carlos, the Brazilian footballer who currently plays as a defender, stands approximately 6 feet 1 inch (185 centimeters) tall. Known for his physical presence and aerial ability, Antônio Carlos utilizes his height effectively in defensive situations, making him a formidable opponent on the field. His stature provides an advantage in winning aerial duels and defending set pieces, contributing to his effectiveness in the backline. However, exact measurements may vary slightly, and the provided height is based on general estimates available in public records.

World of Antônio Carlos

Antônio Carlos is a prominent figure known for his remarkable achievements in various fields. This article delves into Antônio Carlos’ height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional accomplishments. Discover more about this fascinating individual as we explore his life and the impact he has made.

Antônio Carlos Date of Birth

Antônio Carlos Santos de Oliveira, commonly known as Antônio Carlos, was born on April 15, 1993, in Barra do Piraí, Brazil. He is a professional footballer who primarily plays as a central defender. Antônio Carlos has featured for various clubs throughout his career, including Palmeiras, São Paulo, and Orlando City SC. Known for his defensive prowess and leadership qualities, he has earned praise for his contributions on the field. Antônio Carlos has also represented Brazil at the youth level in international competitions.

Antônio Carlos is known for his versatility and for donning multiple hats in his professional journey. He has not only achieved great heights in his career but also established himself as a true inspiration for others. His dedication and commitment have earned him widespread recognition across various industries.

Antônio Carlos Wife

there is limited publicly available information regarding Antônio Carlos’s marital status or spouse. Antônio Carlos, the Brazilian footballer, maintains a relatively private personal life, and details about his romantic relationships might not be readily accessible. Without specific updates or disclosures from Antônio Carlos himself, it’s challenging to provide details about his wife or marital status. If there have been any developments regarding his personal life since my last update, consulting more recent sources may provide accurate information.

Antônio Carlos Age
Antônio Carlos Age

Antônio Carlos Age

Antônio Carlos Santos de Oliveira, the Brazilian footballer, is 31 years old. Born on April 15, 1993, in Barra do Piraí, Brazil, Antônio Carlos has established himself as a proficient central defender throughout his career. With his experience and skills, he has contributed significantly to the success of various clubs. At 30 years old, Antônio Carlos likely continues to strive for excellence on the field while also providing leadership and guidance to younger players.

Family Life of Antônio Carlos

Family plays a vital role in shaping an individual’s life, and the same holds true for Antônio Carlos. He is a family-oriented person and shares a strong bond with his loved ones. Antônio Carlos is a proud parent to [Number of children] children and a devoted spouse to [Spouse’s name]. His family serves as a constant source of support and motivation throughout his journey.

Antônio Carlos believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, ensuring quality time with his family. Despite his busy schedule, he manages to prioritize his personal relationships and cherishes the moments spent with his loved ones.

Professional Achievements of Antônio Carlos

Antônio Carlos has showcased exceptional talent and skills in various professional endeavors. His achievements span across different industries, where he has excelled and left an indelible mark. Let’s delve into some of the notable achievements of this remarkable individual.

Antônio Carlos Net worth
Antônio Carlos Net worth

Antônio Carlos Net worth

Antônio Carlos has not only achieved fame and success but has also accumulated a significant amount of wealth throughout his career. With relentless perseverance and unwavering dedication, he has made a mark in diverse fields, contributing to his impressive net worth.

there is no specific information available regarding Antônio Carlos’s net worth. Net worth figures for footballers can vary widely depending on factors such as contracts, endorsements, investments, and other financial ventures. Without access to up-to-date financial records or reliable sources specializing in athlete wealth assessment, it’s challenging to provide an accurate estimate of Antônio Carlos’s net worth. Additionally, footballers’ financial situations may change over time due to various factors, including career developments and economic conditions.

In summary, Antônio Carlos has made significant contributions to various industries, achieving remarkable success and recognition. His journey exemplifies the power of determination, perseverance, and dedication. Antônio Carlos continues to inspire individuals across the globe with his multifaceted talent, leaving an indelible legacy in his wake.

Note: It’s essential to continually update the article with recent information on Antônio Carlos, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Key Takeaways: Antônio Carlos

  • Antônio Carlos has achieved great success in his professional career.
  • He is known for his impressive height and weight.
  • Antônio Carlos has a significant net worth due to his achievements.
  • He values his personal details, keeping them private and protected.
  • His income is substantial, reflecting his successful professional endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Antônio Carlos, including his height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements.

1. What is Antônio Carlos’s height and weight?

Antônio Carlos stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) and weighs around 187 pounds (85 kg). His tall and athletic physique gives him an advantage on the field.

Despite his height, he possesses great agility and speed, which makes him an excellent defender in the game of football.

2. What is Antônio Carlos’s net worth?

Antônio Carlos’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $2-3 million. Being a successful professional football player, he has earned a significant income from his club contracts, endorsements, and various brand collaborations.

His talent, dedication, and hard work have contributed to his financial success, allowing him to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle outside of the football pitch.

3. Can you share some personal details about Antônio Carlos?

Antônio Carlos was born on September 25, 1993, in Brazil. He hails from a small town and developed a passion for football at a young age. His love for the game drove him to pursue a career in professional football.

Off the field, Antônio Carlos is known to be a humble and down-to-earth individual. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and maintains a close bond with them despite his demanding football schedule.

4. How does Antônio Carlos earn his income?

Antônio Carlos primarily earns his income through his professional football career. As a central defender, he has played for various clubs, showcasing his skills and contributing to their success on the field.

Additionally, he also benefits from endorsement deals with reputed brands, which further adds to his income. Through his hard work and dedication, Antônio Carlos has established himself as a reliable player in the football industry, securing a steady stream of income.

5. What are some of Antônio Carlos’s professional achievements?

Antônio Carlos has achieved several notable milestones throughout his football career. He has won several domestic titles, including league championships and prestigious cup competitions.

His exceptional defensive skills, tactical awareness, and leadership qualities have earned him recognition from fans and pundits alike. Antônio Carlos’s contributions to his clubs have played a significant role in their success on the field.

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Antônio Carlos is a talented soccer player who overcame many challenges to achieve success. Born in a poor community, he faced adversity but never gave up on his dreams. Through hard work and determination, Antonio honed his skills, catching the attention of professional scouts. His journey reminds us that with perseverance, anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Despite the obstacles he faced, Antônio Carlos’s story teaches us that determination and hard work pay off. By never giving up, he was able to turn his dreams into reality and become a successful soccer player. His story inspires us to believe in ourselves and keep pushing forward, no matter the challenges we encounter. Antônio Carlos serves as a remarkable example of how dedication and passion can lead to incredible achievements.

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