André Schürrle height, Age, Wife, Date of birth, net worth, career and biography

Welcome to the world of football! Today, we’re here to unveil the amazing André Schürrle and dig deeper into his fascinating life. Known for his skill and talent on the field, this German footballer has left an indelible mark on the sport. So, grab your jersey, put on your favorite pair of boots, and join us on this exciting journey!

André Schürrle
André Schürrle

Standing tall at quite an impressive height, André Schürrle has captured the hearts of football fans around the globe. But the game isn’t just about height, it’s about skill, determination, and the love for the sport that shines through every kick of the ball. At a young age, Schürrle has already made a profound impact on the football world, leaving us in awe with his lightning-fast pace and precise ball control.

Now, life on and off the field wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of spice, right? That’s why we’ll also explore the intriguing details of André Schürrle’s biography, including his age, weight, and even a peek into his personal life. So, get ready to learn more about this remarkable individual who has graced the football field with his awe-inspiring presence.

But enough chit-chat! It’s time to dive into the enthralling world of André Schürrle and uncover the secrets behind his remarkable journey. From his early beginnings to his rise to stardom, we’ll be your guide to discovering all there is to know about this talented football wonder. So, grab your virtual popcorn and get ready for an exciting adventure!

André Schürrle Personal Information

Information Details
Name André Schürrle
Date of Birth November 6, 1990
Age 34
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Information Details
Parents Heinz Schürrle
Luisa Schürrle
Weight 73 kg (161 lbs)
Siblings Benjamin Schürrle
André Schürrle Height
André Schürrle Height

André Schürrle Height

André Schürrle, the former German footballer, stands at approximately 6 feet 1 inch (185 centimeters) tall. Schürrle’s height provided him with a physical advantage on the field, allowing him to excel in aerial duels and maintain a strong presence in attack. Throughout his career, his stature, combined with his speed and technical ability, made him a formidable forward. Schürrle’s height contributed to his success as a professional footballer, enabling him to compete effectively at the highest levels of the sport.

André Schürrle is a name that resonates with football enthusiasts around the world. This talented German footballer has left an indelible mark on the sport with his skill, versatility, and dedication. In this article, we delve into the life of André Schürrle and explore his height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements. Join us on this exciting journey to learn more about one of the brightest stars in football.

André Schürrle Date of Birth

André Schürrle, the former German footballer, was born on November 6, 1990, in Ludwigshafen, Germany. His birth marked the beginning of a promising football career that saw him rise through the ranks and represent top clubs internationally. Schürrle’s date of birth aligns with an era of significant developments in football, and throughout his career, he showcased his talent and versatility on the field, earning recognition among football enthusiasts worldwide.

Early Success in the Bundesliga

Schürrle’s professional career began in 2009 when he joined the ranks of Mainz 05, a Bundesliga club. He quickly made an impact, impressing both fans and critics with his exceptional speed, technical skills, and game intelligence. As a result, he earned a reputation as one of the most promising young talents in German football.

During his time at Mainz 05, Schürrle played a pivotal role in the club’s remarkable achievements. He contributed significantly to their impressive performances, helping them secure a spot in the UEFA Europa League. His outstanding performances caught the attention of top clubs in Europe, laying the groundwork for a remarkable career ahead.

André Schürrle Wife

André Schürrle is married to Anna Sharypova, a Russian model. Their relationship has been relatively private, with occasional glimpses into their personal life shared on social media. However, reports suggest that they have faced challenges in their marriage. Despite this, they have maintained a degree of privacy, and further details about their relationship may not be readily available in the public domain.

André Schürrle Age
André Schürrle Age

André Schürrle Age

André Schürrle, the former German footballer, is 33 years old. Born on November 6, 1990, in Ludwigshafen, Germany, Schürrle had a successful career as a forward, playing for top clubs such as Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, and Fulham, as well as representing the German national team. Throughout his playing days, Schürrle showcased his speed, skill, and versatility, earning admiration from football fans worldwide. At 33, he likely continues to contribute to the sport in various capacities.

A Move to Premier League: Chelsea and Fulham

In 2013, Schürrle made a high-profile move to Chelsea, one of the most prestigious clubs in the English Premier League. This transfer marked a significant milestone in his career, as he joined a star-studded lineup under the guidance of renowned manager José Mourinho.

His time at Chelsea was marked by memorable moments and crucial contributions. Schürrle played a vital role in helping the club secure the Premier League title in the 2014-2015 season. His speed, dribbling ability, and clinical finishing made him a valuable asset for the team.

After his stint at Chelsea, Schürrle joined Fulham on loan, displaying his versatility and adaptability on the pitch. Despite Fulham’s relegation from the Premier League, his individual performances earned him praise and admiration from football fans and pundits alike.

International Success: FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship

Schürrle’s impact is not limited to club football; he has also left a lasting impression on the international stage. He represented the German national team with distinction, showcasing his skills in major tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship.

In the 2014 FIFA World Cup, held in Brazil, Schürrle played a crucial role in helping Germany secure the title. His performances, particularly in the quarterfinals against Brazil, where he scored two goals and provided an assist, will forever be etched in football history.

Furthermore, Schürrle’s contributions to the German national team extended to the UEFA European Championship. He played a vital part in Germany’s success in the 2012 edition of the tournament, helping the team reach the semi-finals.

Personal Details, Height, and Weight

André Schürrle stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm). His athletic physique, combined with his speed and agility, make him a formidable presence on the field. Additionally, he maintains a well-balanced weight of approximately 176 pounds (80 kg), ensuring optimal performance and endurance.

André Schürrle Net worth
André Schürrle Net worth

André Schürrle Net worth

Over the course of his successful career, André Schürrle has amassed a considerable net worth. While exact figures are subject to fluctuation and privacy considerations, his various club transfers, endorsement deals, and salary earnings have undoubtedly contributed to his financial success.

Schürrle’s talent and marketability have attracted several high-profile endorsements, further bolstering his income. His popularity within the football community and his global recognition have made him an appealing ambassador for several brands and sponsorship opportunities.

Beyond the football pitch, Schürrle values his close-knit family. He is the son of Joachim Schürrle, a former footballer himself. André’s love for the sport was nurtured by his father, who played a significant role in his development as a player.

In 2019, Schürrle married Anna Sharypova, a Russian model. Their union further highlights his global appeal and multicultural connections.

Professional Achievements and Legacy

André Schürrle’s professional achievements are nothing short of remarkable. From his early successes in the Bundesliga to winning the Premier League with Chelsea, and securing the FIFA World Cup with Germany, he has consistently showcased his exceptional talent and determination.

Schürrle’s attacking prowess, explosive pace, and ability to make incisive passes have left a lasting impact on the clubs he’s played for and the fans who have witnessed his performances. His contributions to German football and his influence on the international stage have cemented his place among the game’s greats.

As André Schürrle continues to explore new opportunities in his career, his legacy as a talented and versatile footballer will undoubtedly endure. Whether on the pitch or off, his dedication and passion for the sport serve as an inspiration to aspiring young talents worldwide.

In summary, André Schürrle’s journey in football has been marked by numerous achievements, both as an individual player and as part of successful teams. His height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements are testament to his unwavering commitment and his ability to leave an indelible mark on the game. André Schürrle will undoubtedly be remembered as a football great for generations to come.

Key Takeaways

  • André Schürrle has a height of 6 feet 1 inch and weighs around 170 pounds.
  • His estimated net worth is around $25 million, accumulated through his successful football career.
  • André Schürrle is a German professional football player, known for his skills and contributions to various clubs and the national team.
  • He comes from a supportive family who has been his biggest motivation throughout his career.
  • Schürrle has achieved notable professional milestones, including winning the FIFA World Cup with Germany in 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions

André Schürrle is a professional German soccer player known for his achievements on the field. Here are some frequently asked questions about André Schürrle’s height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements.

Q1: What is André Schürrle’s height and weight?

André Schürrle stands at a height of 1.84 meters (6 feet) and weighs approximately 76 kilograms (167 pounds).

His well-built physique and athleticism contribute to his performance on the soccer field.

Q2: What is André Schürrle’s net worth?

As of the latest estimates, André Schürrle’s net worth is around $30 million.

This includes his earnings from his professional soccer career, endorsements, and other business ventures.

Q3: Can you share some personal details about André Schürrle?

André Schürrle was born on November 6, 1990, in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

He is married to Anna Sharypova, a Russian model, and the couple has a daughter named Kaia, born in 2019.

Q4: How much does André Schürrle earn?

André Schürrle’s income varies depending on his club contracts and sponsorships.

At the peak of his career, he earned an annual salary of approximately $9 million.

Q5: What are some of André Schürrle’s professional achievements?

André Schürrle has had an impressive career, playing for top clubs such as Chelsea in the Premier League and Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga.

He is best known for his performance in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, where he scored the decisive goal in the final against Argentina, helping Germany win the tournament.

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André Schürrle is a talented German soccer player known for his speed and versatility. He has played for several top clubs, including Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund. Schürrle also represented the German national team and played a crucial role in their 2014 World Cup victory. Despite facing some challenges in his career, Schürrle’s determination and hard work have helped him achieve success. He is recognized as a skillful winger and a valuable asset to any team he plays for.

Schürrle’s career has been marked by impressive achievements and widespread recognition. His speed, flexibility, and determination make him a formidable opponent on the field. From his early years at Mainz 05 to winning the World Cup with Germany, Schürrle’s talent and dedication have shone through. Although he faced some difficulties later in his career, Schürrle remains a beloved figure in German soccer. With his skills and experience, he continues to inspire young players who dream of achieving success in the sport.

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