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Alan Alda, the renowned American actor, director, and author, has captivated audiences for decades with his compelling performances and endless talent. In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of Alan Alda, exploring his height, weight, age, biography, husband, and more. So, get ready to uncover fascinating details about this beloved entertainer who has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. Let’s dive in and discover the remarkable journey of Alan Alda.

Alan Alda
Alan Alda

Throughout his illustrious career, Alan Alda has enthralled audiences with his versatile acting skills and natural charm. From his iconic role as Hawkeye Pierce in the hit television series “M*A*S*H” to his critically acclaimed performances on Broadway, Alda has earned a special place in the hearts of millions worldwide. But there is so much more to know about this remarkable man.

In addition to his acting prowess, we’ll explore Alan Alda’s personal life, including details about his height, weight, age, and the meaningful relationships that have enriched his journey. Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the life and achievements of this extraordinary individual. So, let’s embark on this exciting adventure and discover the world of Alan Alda together.

Alan Alda Personal Information

Information Details
Name Alan Alda
Nickname N/A
Profession Actor, Author, Director, Screenwriter, Science Communicator
Date of Birth January 28, 1936
Age 88 years old
Net Worth $40 million
Height 6′ 2″ (188 cm)
Weight N/A
Body Measurement N/A
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Gray
Birthplace/Hometown The Bronx, New York, USA
Nationality American
Gender Male
Ethnicity Italian-American
Religion Not publicly known
Sexuality Straight
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign) Aquarius
House Location Not publicly known

Social Media

Wiki Page Alan Alda – Wikipedia
Facebook Link Alan Alda – Facebook
Twitter Profile Link @AlanAlda – Twitter

Physical Statistics

Information Details
Height (Tall) Unknown
Weight Unknown
Profession Actor, Writer, Director
Eye Color Blue
Shoe Size (UK) Unknown
Hair Color White

Alan Alda Height

Alan Alda Height
Alan Alda Height

Alan Alda’s height is reported to be around 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm). Throughout his career, he has been known for his commanding presence on screen, and his stature has contributed to his ability to portray a diverse range of characters with confidence and charisma.


Information Details
Parents Robert Alda (father)
Joan Browne (mother)
Weight Unknown
Siblings Anthony Alda (brother)
Beatrice Alda (half-sister)

Alan Alda: Height, Weight, Net Worth, Personal Details, Income, Family, Professional Achievements

Alan Alda is not just a renowned actor but also a multi-talented individual who has achieved great success in his career. From his body measurements and personal details to his professional achievements and net worth, this article dives deep into the life of Alan Alda. Join us as we explore the various facets of this remarkable individual.

Alan Alda Date of birth

Alan Alda, born Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo, was born on January 28, 1936, in New York City, USA. He is an acclaimed American actor, director, and writer, best known for his iconic role as Hawkeye Pierce in the television series “M*A*S*H,” as well as for his contributions to film and theater.

Alan Alda Age

Alan Alda Age
Alan Alda Age

Alan Alda is 88 years old. Born on January 28, 1936, in New York City, USA, he has enjoyed a prolific career spanning several decades as an actor, director, and writer. Alda’s talent and versatility have earned him widespread acclaim and numerous awards throughout his illustrious career.

Alan Alda Early Life and Personal Details

Alan Alda, born Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo on January 28, 1936, in New York City, is an American actor, writer, and director. Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches tall, Alda has a striking presence both on and off the screen. With salt-and-pepper hair and captivating hazel eyes, he exudes charm and charisma.

While he may have a towering physical stature, Alda is known for his down-to-earth and affable personality. He possesses a warm smile that instantly puts people at ease. His personal style is a combination of classic and contemporary, reflecting his timeless appeal.

Alan Alda comes from a close-knit family. His father, Robert Alda, was also an actor, and his mother, Joan Browne, was a former Miss New York. He has one sibling – a younger brother named Antony Alda, who is also an actor. Family holds great importance to Alda, and he often acknowledges their support and influence in shaping his career.

Rise to Fame

Alan Alda’s journey to fame began in the 1960s when he started appearing in various television shows and films. However, it was his role as Hawkeye Pierce in the hit television series M*A*S*H that catapulted him to stardom. Alda’s portrayal of the sarcastic yet compassionate surgeon earned him critical acclaim and widespread recognition.

Beyond his acting prowess, Alda’s unique combination of humor, wit, and sensitivity endeared him to millions of viewers around the world. His performance in M*A*S*H earned him several awards, including six Primetime Emmy Awards and four Writer’s Guild Awards.

Following the success of M*A*S*H, Alan Alda continued to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He went on to star in numerous films and television shows, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Notable projects include The West Wing, The Aviator, and Bridge of Spies, among others.

Alan Alda Wife

Alan Alda has been married to Arlene Alda (née Weiss) since March 15, 1957. Their marriage has endured over six decades, and they have three daughters together: Eve, Elizabeth, and Beatrice. Arlene Alda is an accomplished photographer, writer, and musician, and the couple has supported each other’s careers throughout their lives.

Alan Alda Net Worth

Alan Alda Net Worth
Alan Alda Net Worth

Alan Alda’s impressive acting career has contributed to his substantial net worth. As of 2021, his estimated net worth is $40 million. Apart from acting, Alda has also ventured into writing and directing, further adding to his earnings. His diverse talents have opened up avenues for him to explore different creative pursuits, reflecting his multifaceted nature.

In addition to his income from acting, writing, and directing, Alda has also been involved in various entrepreneurial endeavors. He has authored several books, including Never Have Your Dog Stuffed: And Other Things I’ve Learned and If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face? These endeavors have not only contributed to his income but have also solidified his position as a respected figure in the industry.

Alan Alda’s wealth is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and talent. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to transition seamlessly between different creative roles, always pushing the boundaries of his craft.

Alan Alda Family and Personal Life

While Alan Alda’s professional life has been in the spotlight, he also cherishes his role as a husband and father. Alda has been married to Arlene Alda since 1957, and the couple has three children together – Eve, Elizabeth, and Beatrice. Their lasting marriage is a testament to their enduring love and commitment.

In an industry known for its high divorce rates and fleeting relationships, Alda’s long-lasting marriage stands as a symbol of stability and strength. Throughout his successful career, he has prioritized his family and maintained a healthy work-life balance.

In addition to his family life, Alan Alda is also known for his philanthropy and advocacy work. He has been involved in various charitable causes, including science education and improving communication skills in the medical field. Alda’s passion for making a difference extends beyond the screen, and he continues to contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Alan Alda Professional Achievements

Alan Alda’s professional achievements extend far beyond his accolades and wealth. He has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, captivating audiences for decades. His ability to portray a wide range of characters with depth and authenticity has garnered him critical acclaim and the admiration of his peers.

Alda’s contributions to television are particularly noteworthy. In addition to his iconic role in M*A*S*H, he has also hosted the acclaimed scientific series Scientific American Frontiers, showcasing his passion for science and curiosity about the world. His ability to communicate complex ideas in an engaging and accessible manner has made science accessible to a wide audience.

Furthermore, Alda has been recognized for his commitment to promoting better communication skills in science and healthcare. He created the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University, dedicated to training scientists and medical professionals in effective communication techniques. Through this initiative, Alda has made a lasting impact on the fields of science and medicine.

In summary, Alan Alda is more than just an actor with a towering physical presence. He is a multi-talented individual who has achieved remarkable success in his career. From his rise to fame in M*A*S*H to his entrepreneurial endeavors and philanthropic work, Alda has cemented his place as an icon in the entertainment industry. His enduring marriage, strong family values, and commitment to making a difference further exemplify his remarkable character. Alan Alda’s contributions to television, film, and society at large have left a lasting legacy, inspiring future generations to pursue their passions and make a positive impact in the world.

Key Takeaways: Alan Alda

  • Alan Alda’s height and weight are not publicly known.
  • His estimated net worth is around $40 million.
  • Alan Alda has had a successful acting career, known for his role as Hawkeye Pierce on the TV series M*A*S*H.
  • He comes from a showbiz family, with his father being a famous actor.
  • Alan Alda is also a talented writer and director, having won numerous awards throughout his career.

As a 13-year-old, you might not know everything about Alan Alda, but here are some key things to take away about him:

1. His height and weight remain a mystery, but that doesn’t define his talent.
2. With an estimated net worth of $40 million, Alan Alda has achieved financial success.
3. You may have heard of him as Hawkeye Pierce from the TV show M*A*S*H, where he showcased his acting skills.
4. Alan Alda comes from a family involved in the entertainment industry, as his father was a well-known actor.
5. Aside from acting, he has also proven his skills as a writer and director, earning recognition through numerous awards.

Remember, Alan Alda’s journey in the entertainment world is filled with achievements and it’s never too late to pursue your passions just like he did.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Alan Alda’s height, weight, net worth, personal details, income, family, and professional achievements:

1. How tall is Alan Alda?

Alan Alda stands at a height of approximately 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm).

His tall stature gives him a commanding presence on screen and enhances his charismatic performances.

2. What is Alan Alda’s weight?

Alan Alda’s weight is estimated to be around 180 pounds (82 kilograms).

Despite the passing years, he has maintained a trim and healthy physique, which contributes to his overall appeal as an actor.

3. What is Alan Alda’s net worth?

Alan Alda’s net worth is estimated to be around $40 million.

His long and successful career in the entertainment industry, particularly his iconic role as Hawkeye Pierce in the hit television series “M*A*S*H,” has brought him both critical acclaim and financial success.

4. Can you provide some personal details about Alan Alda?

Alan Alda, whose real name is Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo, was born on January 28, 1936, in New York City, United States.

He is not only a talented actor but also an author, director, and screenwriter. Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

5. What are some of Alan Alda’s professional achievements?

Alan Alda has had a remarkable career in the entertainment industry. He is best known for his portrayal of Hawkeye Pierce in the popular television series “M*A*S*H,” which earned him numerous accolades, including six Emmy Awards.

In addition to his acting work, Alda has also made significant contributions behind the scenes. He has directed and written for both film and television, showcasing his talent and versatility. His accomplishments have solidified his place as a legendary figure in the world of entertainment.

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Alan Alda is an actor, author, and science communicator who has had a successful and influential career. He has received numerous awards for his acting in movies, TV shows, and on stage. Alda is also known for his role as Hawkeye Pierce in the TV series M*A*S*H.

In addition to his acting, Alda has a strong passion for science and has dedicated much of his life to improving the communication of science. He started the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science to train scientists on how to effectively convey their research to the public. Through his work, Alda has shown that science can be made more relatable and accessible to everyone.

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